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Thank you for supporting the Queens Museum of Art. Why do you support the arts?

brooklynhistoryGood luck @QueensMuseum with NON-GALA tonight! We’ll be watching. We support the arts because we ARE the arts too!

alexispl@QueensMuseum I support the arts because life wouldn’t be worth living without art

lisalovewhittin@QueensMuseum I support the arts because the U.S. has been teaching half a brain too long. The arts support WHOLE brain thinking!

museumnerd@QueensMuseum I support the arts (esp. museums) not just because they stimulate my nerdy little brain, but also my heart, gut, and soul.

carriekerpen@queensmuseum I support the arts because my daughters deserve to have programs where they can showcase their fabulousness & creativity!

ARTISTstacy@QueensMuseum – I support the arts simply because they are a vital element of life.

PrettyLittlePet@QueensMuseum I support the arts because it gives us, grumpy artist folks, an alternate way to contribute to society 😉

PublicArtNYC@queensmuseum i support art because it constantly teaches us new/different ways to engage with our environments and appreciate our lives.

RumbleART@QueensMuseum We support the arts because art fosters new dialogues about contemporary issues and can unite people cross-culturally.

artfromscrap@QueensMuseum Because art creates a sense of community and teaches kids to seek creative solutions to global problems!

thebiggestbutte@QueensMuseum The Biggest Butte supports the arts for the same reason we support travel: it’s all about seeing different viewpoints.

@QueensMuseum we support the arts because the arts support us.

QueensArtX@QueensMuseum It beats medication and exercise.

seafiredesign@QueensMuseum I support the arts because it teaches us about the world outside ourselves

hpartstudio@QueensMuseum I support the Arts because it is essential for our creative freedom.

momichael@QueensMuseum I support the arts as it is my passion, what keeps me going when life is rough.

IrishArtsCenter@QueensMuseum In the words of Oscar Wilde, “It is through art, and through art only, that we can realise our perfection.”

CUArts@QueensMuseum We support the arts because self expression is common to us all. They live out our hopes, fears, fascinations and criticisms.

PULSEArtFair@QueensMuseum We support the arts because we believe in fostering creativity and innovation in all corners of society!

nikki_in_atl@QueensMuseum art makes my world go round

RenaatVeris@QueensMuseum Because painting is more ‘looking at’ than ‘painting on’. It helps the painter reflect, and hopefully his public with him.

easthawaiiarts@QueensMuseum we support the arts because doing so brings joy and light to the eyes of young people; doing so invites creativity in the hearts of all 🙂

chindogu@QueensMuseumvia@NYArtBeat “Because it takes a life more ex-ordinary to make a life feel less ordinary…”

SchapiroArchive@QueensMuseum Support the arts to defy expectations and to understand the history of our humanity

milenerustcom@QueensMuseum I support the Arts-because it’s the only thing I love doing and seeing that makes me happy.

VivianOloSupport the arts @QueensMuseum arts disciplines expand cognitive thinking and raise potential for growth.

bluelittlegirlIcon_lock@QueensMuseum Because the Arts feed my soul and shape my life. It reminds us we are human and creatures of love and creativity.

BocaMuseumOfArt@QueensMuseum We recently wrote a blog entry covering a few reasons we support the arts:

TurtlesPajamas@QueensMuseum Very good reply. I love the arts because it helps us see the world in ways we could not on our own. 1 reason out many more.

good_educationRT @RachelWells @QueensMuseum I support the arts because they unite and inspire people worldwide despite education/class.

RachelWells@QueensMuseum I support the arts because they unite and inspire people worldwide despite education/class.

qipeng@QueensMuseum I support the arts because it is the bread of all life, the cradle of civilization. It reminds us that we are still human.

BJTuininga@QueensMuseum I love the arts for the enrichment that they provide. They are mind stimulating, thought provoking & educationally beneficial.

TASCHENAmerica@QueensMuseum we support the arts because the arts document our lives. and then we document the arts!

media_minds@QueensMuseum because art adds color to mundane world, reflects life & motivates in bad times to be optimistic

jakphoto@QueensMuseum Art is life as seen through another’s eyes and state of mind, as such it is intensely interesting, intriguing & inspirational.

Blueartdude@QueensMuseum why do I support the arts?…as a father, I want my kids to learn a broad range of subjects and be influenced by art and music

ArtBistroEditor@QueensMuseum I love the way that you bring the community together

DoubleORoosWhy do you support the arts? (via @QueensMuseum) If art was a questionmark, the answer would be….ME!!! Oh yeah baby! 🙂

MCFTA@QueensMuseum Because of the arts, I have become a well-rounded individual who strives to make a difference in this big world everyday.

cantubury@QueensMuseum truthfully, artists, performers and dancers were the only friends I had as a child, not withstanding imaginary ones

douglenoxWithout support, good artists become bad bartenders… Then we have no art, AND nowhere fun to complain about it. #NON-GALA @queensmuseum

Dorje8l8l@QueensMuseum #NON-GALA Because art feeds my spirit.

bronxmuseum@QueensMuseum The arts brings peace, happiness, and good thoughts to our life, which is why we support the arts

thatartynerd@QueensMuseum #NON-GALA I support the arts, because it is like supporting myself 🙂

dutchessdw@QueensMuseum because i love places like the QMA!

Some “tweets” from our Art and Literacy for New New Yorkers Program:

“I like the museum because it gives me the opportunity to know and to learn different things, and also to speak with many people.” – Lucia Benquides

“Because is a very diversity. I like it because I can see different kinds of art and can learn English too. I can speak with different people.”– Gabriel

“The Queens Museum gives everyone an opportunity to learn different things.” – Diana Perdomo

“It offers an opportunity to learn many things especially about art and everybody can come.” – Dora Santamaria

“It’s a pleasure to visit the QMA, its exhibits are always interesting, also it has a good social integration program for New Yorkers.” José Lopez

“Because during English classes I have the opportunity to know many interesting things in the QMA.” – Elena

“The museum is a good place for many people to learn English. It is always open. It’s an important place for students. Many people can learn about different cultures while there.” – Percy

“Because I enjoy learning English and studying photography at QMA. Also, I like the panorama of New York City.” – Ying Fang Hsu

“The museum is a good place for to learn English and to know about arts and culture. I love that.” – Masikel Gasúa

“I love to come to the QMA and enjoy the map the NY City. I also enjoy pictures, art, and the museum in general. Please come and learn English also.”

Because it is very close to where I live. I love learning more everyday.” – Daniel Montes Cortes

“Because I love art work. I really appreciate all the exhibitions of the many artists. I like to see the panorama inside of the QMA. It’s nice.” – Carmeu Úsquez

“I love the Queens Museum because I can learn art as well as other subjects like the English language.” – M. Bonilla

“Because it is a good opportunity to get to know all about NY City and all many different things around the museum.” – Mantiza Balwzai

@QueensMuseum For those of us short on imagination, why not support people who have an excess?Museums are an extra chamber of the brain.

@QueensMuseum I support the arts because I can’t imagine the world without color.

@QueensMuseum because only through art have i witnessed communities come together, adress concerns and find a common ground.

@QueensMuseum Art is what makes life more interesting than art — Robert Filliou

@QueensMuseum Art can be a gift with more significance than the materialistic.

@QueensMuseum The arts are one of the few things that can enrich lives regardless of whether they are on Wall St, Main St or back streets.

@QueensMuseum The arts teach us that questions can have more than one answer. –

@QueensMuseum One of the art’s lessons is that there are many ways to see and interpret the world. –

@QueensMuseum The arts teach: neither words in their literal form nor numbers exhaust what we can know.-

@QueensMuseum The arts enable us to have experiences we can have from no other source. –

@QueensMuseum The arts help us learn to say what cannot be said. -Based on Eliot Eisner’s “10 Lessons the Arts Teach.”


4 responses to “Chat

  1. Off the cuff: they who the most are more important who support what the art like belong always to me more
    than I can say except “we” though it goes deeply into who I am me too link.

  2. We support the arts because it gives everyone a vision and a sense of being creative. Art can be Therapeutic.

  3. I support the arts, because I’ve been artistic all of my life and was raised in a household of art lovers and art collectors and theater-goers (plays and movies.)

    The arts define our culture, really tell people who we are. They teach us to think in non-linear ways and to get in touch with our deepest collective Self.

  4. I love the QMA and support them because everytime I do, karma reciprocates by engulfing another Republican in some morality scandal.

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