PRIZES! LOOT! SWAG! TREASURE! QMA Giveaway on June 30! 8pm Eastern

In light of recession, the Queens Museum cancelled its annual dinner in favor of a no-cost, no-event, web-based fundraiser. It is going well!  Thanks for asking.

It is not too late to donate!

But wait… as part of this enterprise, we are also presenting a live streaming web auction hosted by QMA Director, Tom Finkelpearl and Special Guest Auctioneer artist, Hope Ginsburg All auction items will be available for free.


How to Bid: Non-monetary bids* will be accepted through e-mail, twitter, and over the phone.  To bid we are going to ask you to be enthusiastic, creative, or just plain lucky.

When to Bid: Log on to on TUESDAY JUNE 30, 2009, 8pm. You’ll have a chance to win World’s Fair memorabilia and other unique auction items.

If you have already participated in our non-gala as a donor, thank you so much! You are already entered in our raffle, and we’ll announce the winners during the “auction.”

*Winning bids will be “most creative praise of the arts,” for one item, “most pathetic arts anecdoe” for another, or in some cases, simply the first person we hear from.

To bid by phone: 718.592.9700 x243
To bid by email:
To tweet in: @QueensMuseum

Hope Ginsburg

Hope Ginsburg


3 responses to “PRIZES! LOOT! SWAG! TREASURE! QMA Giveaway on June 30! 8pm Eastern

  1. Shirley Yourman

    In my opinion Queens museum is great . It is very up to date, it is informative, it is bi-cultural and serves the need for all. The panorama is something for all to see and enjoy. Everybody shoud get on board and participate in these events. Donate what you can evey amount helps

  2. Congratulations to QMA for choosing Sig Balka as your honeree. He is an outstanding citizen in every way.

    Maggie and Nobles Lowe

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